This is a story of rebirth. The kind that makes you leave everything behind. Your full-time job, your addiction to alcohol, your demons from the past. A captivating passion that sweeps you up, leaving you liberated and bursting with happiness. A love story enticing you to surrender yourself completely and fall helplessly in love.

This is how David Taylor succumbed to music.

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His universe, Taylor Trip, offers an experience reminiscent of a strange cabaret where we may come across some of the unsettling creatures found in Tim Burton’s films or the rugged characters in Sergio Leone’s westerns. We imagine Tom Waits and Nick Cave leaning on the bar listening to his music, somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, where blues, folk and rock blend together…

An Encounter…

One night in a local bar, a young girl picked up a guitar and started singing. He was blown away by this beautiful Parisian, only 17 years old. It was fate. A princess who fell from the sky, an encounter that triggered his irremediable desire to compose, record and produce this talented singer.

Her name is Sélia, and from the very first recording, she dove into the universe of Taylor Trip.

Her sensual voice, instinctive interpretation and natural warmth will pull you into the whirlwind of this cinematic world.

The songs are sometimes performed as duets or solos. Sélia’s EP will be available in January 2017, in the meantime, have a listen to “Never” or the duet “When”.